5 reasons why you’re not using SMS marketing

It’s safe to say that mobile marketing has taken the world of business and marketing by the scruff of the neck, gave it a jolly good wash and a brand new smartly fitted suit. Armed with some crafty examples, stats and with a cheeky smile mobile marketing has steamrolled itself through many a business boardroom. And when the results came in, it’s been carried out of the office like a scene from the Wolf of Wall Street.

However, some businesses are still reluctant to rally up the troops, ready their passports and begin their mobile marketing voyage – but why?

According to Salesforce, more than 70% of marketers state that mobile marketing is key to their business, and rightly so.

We have seen, and continue to see a huge shift towards our mobile phone as a way to explore and surf the internet, the desktop computer is gathering dust as we speak. Shopify say that 50.3% of ecommerce traffic now comes through a mobile and that number is only increasing.

So mobile apps must be the way forward?


No they’re not.

Not unless you have huge sums of money to design and develop one, and even if you have, the fact of the matter is customers prefer text messages…

81% of consumers prefer SMS over mobile apps for communicating with their brands and 71% say it’s annoying having different conversations in different apps. (SAP)

So, let’s have a look at the reasons why you’re not using SMS…

1. “We haven’t got any mobile numbers”
There are loads of easy and simple ways to collect your data.

2. “It’s not a very luxurious or sexy medium is it?”
Its’ simple and effective and your customers love it! Luxury brands use it every day.

3. “Yeah, but I bet its quite longwinded and a complicated process”
From sign up to your messages being received – about 5 minutes.

4. “Well, I am just not sure we will have the budget for it”
It’s a low-cost way, messages from 1.90p

5. “Our marketing is working just fine at the moment”
Fine doesn’t cut the mustard. Let’s make your marketing great!

A while ago the whole world and their dog were talking about ‘Mobilegeddon’. Google announced that they were going to introduce an algorithm that meant mobile friendly sites would have more prominence in their search engines.

What this signals is just the beginning of ‘Mobilegeddon.’ The incredible little hand held device is only going to become more central to our everyday lives and the world of business. Watch this space…

Text Marketer infographic why you don't use sms