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How do you make your customers trust you?

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Help your customers to trust youHow honest are you with your customer about the way that you’re using their data? In a world where the customer always comes first, it is critical for brands and businesses to advance their marketing practices to show that consumers can trust them.

But why?

As you read this now you are probably receiving a spam email, it’s estimated that 20% of consumers in the UK and the US receive up to 5 irrelevant marketing messages each day which can lead to:

• Unsubscriptions – 60%

• Ignored future communications – 45%

• No more visits to the company’s website – 24%

• Boycott of the brand completely – 15% (Net Imperative)

Not very cost effective is it?

With 91% of UK consumers concerned about how companies use their data (Gigya) in a very competitive market, it seems honesty is always the best policy.


SMS marketing’s open and response rates are far higher than any other marketing medium. Only 22% of emails are opened compared to 98% of text messages. (Frost & Sullivan)

However, customers’ willingness to part with their mobile phone number can often be the first hurdle to mobile marketing success.

Once you’ve earned the trust of your potential or existing customer to give you their data – how you choose to use it, is your next consideration, after all smartphones have made everything more personal.

Only 45% of consumers who opt in to receive a text from their favourite brands find them useful (Marketing Tech).

It’s all about understanding the needs of your customer.

• What problem are you solving?

• Why have they chosen to give you their data?

• What do they want?

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes, would you like to be receiving the message?


Almost 50% of UK consumers are ‘somewhat concerned’ about how companies use their mobile data.

Customers are more likely to trust friends, family and industry experts with their mobile number and not necessarily marketers. So, to further engage, deliver a visible value and do it consistently.

Well-targeted and relevant marketing messages that provide benefit for the customers are going to be well received. So analyse and segment your customer data and as brand trust moves towards mobile experiences you will have a great mobile platform/strategy already in place.

75% of the World’s population owns a mobile phone (World Bank) and this is on the increase. There’s plenty of opportunity with SMS marketing to grow your business and build trust in your brand to prepare for the future, but doing it transparently is crucial.

With plenty of free tools to get your SMS marketing started, hints and tips to guide you along the way, Text Marketer help you get your SMS marketing right, not only the first time, but every time.

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