The smartphone is winning the war against the desktop

Smartphone supremacy stats
We’re sure plenty of you are tired of reading the now age old articles of how ‘mobile is going to take over the world’ and that ‘mobilegeddon is here’ etc. Well you’d be forgiven for feeling that way, because we’ve written enough…
However, there are times we sit in stunned silence at hearing that some businesses are still questioning the power of mobile, its use, its worth, effectiveness and longevity in marketing.
And for those of you who are, this infographic is for you.
Most businesses and marketers have already been converted and are well on the path of their mobile marketing journey, finding new and exciting ways they can tailor their mobile plans to the needs of their customers and their business.
Here at Text Marketer we have witnessed some great success stories with mobile, had many telephone conversions and swapped countless emails with ecstatic customers who have managed to get response rates that they have always dreamt of from mobile – and honestly nothing makes us happier.

“Shifting from PPC and email marketing to SMS marketing has increased our sales turnover by an average of 30%, and as much as 50% in identified, targeted niche markets.”
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“Text Marketer contributed to a 27% rise in overall traffic, a 45% rise in direct traffic and a massive 93% rise in mobile traffic on Boxing Day”
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We love to see our customers businesses grow and gain more success. These success stories and tales make our day and drive us on to consistently improve and continue to help businesses communicate with the billions of consumers nationally, who own mobile phones.
However for those incredibly skeptical and stubborn few, below we take a look at some of the new stats about the smartphone that have just been released.
As you will see the smartphone has already blown every other device and marketing channel out of the water. It’s steep and dramatic rise to domination has been like no other.
With technical advances in mobile internet becoming faster, and more reliable, improvements in handsets and functions, and the growing list of things that can be controlled by or used in synch with the mobile, the smartphone has already taken over the world.
It’s no longer a question of whether you need to go mobile but how.