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Does mobile marketing have a place in a B2B world?

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SMS marketing for the B2B workplace

Used to support B2C marketing for years now, Text Marketer’s platform has been used as one of the most obvious choices for many businesses. Making sure the right consumers are targeted with the right message at just the right time.

Think updates of in-store offers, promotional messages and notifications of discounts and deals.

However, while SMS may not seem the most obvious tool of choice for B2B marketers, now, with more than 6 billion mobile subscriptions globally, could the rise in the use of mobile channels have the potential to radically change the way B2B communications are made?

Thanks to recent developments, making way for two-way SMS – engagement in a B2B market has more options than ever, opening up doors to better data, better communication and more successful campaigns.

Why wouldn’t you adopt a marketing model which enables key stakeholders to communicate more transparently with other businesses, or marketers to develop a more personal brand model and target key business audiences?

Did you know that the average business professional is within three feet of their mobile phone at any time? (Morgan Stanley)

It can be difficult to understand the B2B communication bandwagon, finding the best marketing strategy for B2B comms is far harder than B2C, or so we first thought….

Businesses have chosen to adopt mobile devices, with their employees relying on them not only for communication but to stay up-to-date on critical information and make key business decisions while they are on the go.

If your own business professionals are constantly connected to their mobiles then why haven’t you connected your B2B brand with the devices of other brands?

When working with other businesses you want to establish a loyal, personal relationship and the mobile phone might be just the device to cement that.

Hi [insert First Name] just to let you know our new service is all up and running, have a little look when you get a chance www.weblink.com Thanks

Hi [insert First Name] just to let you know your products have just left the warehouse and will be with you very soon. Thanks

So what doors can two-way SMS marketing open for your B2B business you ask?

1.      Quality data

Imagine being able to get responses to your marketing messages and fast? Not only does this open up the gates for better communication but it also can unlock invaluable information that you would otherwise not have access to.

Rather than sending brief SMS alerts about product launches or delivery notifications, think outside the box by using a text in short code to arrange demos about product launches, open up the floor to questions or even making it easier for businesses to place an order.

2.     Support current marketing strategy

Making bulk SMS part of a multi-channel marketing plan alongside emails, web pages and social media can increase leads and sales. Consider including a link to a unique product landing page on your website. Not only does this increase your chance of creating an inbound lead but it also makes your message more targeted and relevant.

3.     Measure performance of communication

With Text Marketer’s platform you can see when messages are delivered, URLs are clicked and of course have a medium with a much higher rate and faster time of responses than alternative methods.

One thing missing from many other mediums is the inability to evaluate the effectiveness of communication within campaigns. SMS, with far better engagement can then allow for much quicker and more effective modifications to be made to future campaigns.

Whoever you are targeting whether it be B2B or B2C, we think the important thing to remember is that it’s still a human at the other end. A person who wants things to be as easy and convenient as possible.

Which begs the question…

Is there still such a thing as B2B or B2C? Or is it all not just B2P? Business 2 person.

To begin your B2B SMS marketing campaign sign up for your FREE Text Marketer account today. Trial with 10 free credits and use our 88802 short code for free.

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