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How can SMS marketing predict the future for your new business?

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SMS marketing could tell the future for your business

The one million pound question: Where do you see your new business in 12 months’ time?

Now where’s Mystic Meg when you need her or our magic 8 ball?

Many of us avoid launching head first into new business challenges. Full of eager anticipation we are cautious about spending too much money and wary of not making enough.

With the right tools in your hands and a bit of planning, the chances that you’ll get to where you want to be are likely. And that’s the point where SMS marketing can help…

Ok, so it may not be a crystal ball, but it can come pretty damn close.

They say that it takes a brief look at the past to determine the future. If we look at the breadcrumbs of success that mobile and SMS marketing have left behind for our start-up customers, we’d say it’s almost certain that adoption of the channel will only lead to growth.

Since our launch in 1999, we have helped well-established business grow their client base, profits and brand presence and thousands of start-up small and medium companies give their business a stage in which to perform to rapturous applause. They’ve continued using the channel to take their business from strength to strength – just take a look at our case studies.

Having stood the test of time, SMS has gone from a simple communication tool to the marketing channel businesses use as a rule.

But why?

• Mobile phone ownership is set to bypass more than five billion people in 2017. That’s more than 70% of people able to send and receive text messages (eMarketer)

• 98% of text messages are open and read with average response times taking only 90 seconds. Compare this to email and you’re looking at open rates of 22%. (Venture Beat)

• The average person looks at their phone 150 times in a day (Nokia)

• 70% of consumers say receiving an offer by mobile is more convenient than any other medium. (SAP)

• 64% of consumers believe businesses should communicate more often using SMS for convenience. (SAP)

Bulk SMS is a powerful marketing tool in whoever’s hands it is placed. Over sending will put people off but finding a happy medium between two to five messages a month could be just right.

Relevance is also important as is the data you are using. Have you made plans for who you will be targeting and who you want to read your messages? – Well if you haven’t we’ve plenty of bulk SMS blog posts, how-tos and guides to help you get your business up, running and ready to count the coins.

But back to the beginning, how can SMS marketing help predict your business’ future?

With the opportunity to take your message to the hands of millions at the push of a button, get it opened, read and spread – SMS marketing holds amazing prospects for communication, marketing and building brand presence.

So we’ll ask again…where do you see your business in 12 months’ time?

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