How to engage and hook your customers

How to engage and hook your customers
Before we answer that question we need to address another…

Why do customers engage?

Two simple answers…

Because they were made to feel special and not like just another number, treated on a personal level placing them as the centre of attention.
Or because they received something relevant and of interest to them at that particular time.

These are the simple reasons why consumers choose to engage, but how can we satisfy that?

In a recent post, Ecommerce retail marketing: SMS vs Email the facts. We talked about 3 simple rules that you should follow when sending your customers a message…

Make it personal, make it relevant and make it on time.

Making it personal

Well to start with, sending your customers a text message is far more personal than dropping an email into their inbox, or more than likely their spam folder – so with text messaging we are off to a good personal start.

Use their first name in the message. “Hi Jack…” Our system makes it easy for you to be able to send out a bulk campaign using the customer’s first names in the messages.

Making it relevant

Send personal relevant content. For example a customer, let’s use Jack again, has just bought a new suit from you. Why not send Jack a message letting him know that you have a great selection of new ties in…

“Hi Jack, hope all is well and your new suit is looking good. Just to let you know we have a great selection of new ties that we think you will like…”

Making it on time

Now Jack isn’t going to want to receive your message at 3 in the morning. So look at what time Jack purchased his from suit from you, maybe that’s Jack’s downtime and personal ‘me’ or shopping time. The perfect time to send Jack your tie text message.

Every customer is different but you could look at what day and time most of your orders are confirmed and then start to send messages to your customers around that time.

Use A/B testing

Trial different types of opening lines to your messages, trial different offers, times, trial different calls to action – all these things will help you build up a very clear and astute understanding of who and what your customers like and want.

Finally, don’t be disappointed, scared or worried of opt-outs. People will unsubscribe. There is no getting around it – however it is far more important to invest your time in those who are subscribed, as they have shown an interest in you and want to receive your messages, they want to communicate with you – these are the valuable customers and the ones you want to keep.

So sign up today and start engaging your customers with mobile marketing.