ekmPowershop ecommerce platform partners with our powerful SMS

ekmPowershop ecommerce retail SMS marketing
ekmPowershop is one of the UK’s leading ecommerce platforms – with years of experience in the ecommerce world, it seems like the perfect natural partnership.
Their fantastic ecommerce solution is packed full of great website themes and helpful tools to help you get the most out of your online business – however until now they have not had an SMS business tool for their customers.
Text Marketer and ekmPowershop have now combined to be able to offer the perfect ecommerce solution for any online ecommerce business. Both offer great products, fantastic low prices and a service that is second to none.
SMS goes hand in hand with retail and ecommerce, not only can you send your customers text messages with order confirmations and delivery details, but also texts about new products, offers and sales – this really is the perfect partnership and we are all very excited about it.
So, how to take advantage of this dream team?
1. First off set yourself up with an ekmPowershop account
Simply go to https://www.ekmpowershop.com sign up and follow their instructions
2. You will then see Text Marketer in the features section of your ekmPowershop
Click on the get started link and you will be taken to an ekmPowershop Text Marketer sign up page.
3. Your Text Marketer account is completely free!
Your Text Marketer SMS account is completely free with no hidden costs or nasty contracts – and make sure you use the promo code ‘ekmpower’ when you sign up and you will receive 100 free credits!
Need some inspiration or convincing? Well here are 2 case studies showing the power of SMS marketing for retail and ecommerce
“93% rise in web traffic thanks to Text Marketer” – Mainline Menswear, read how they did it here.
SMS marketing has increased our sales turnover by 30%” – Flight Quotes, read how here
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask us on 0117 205 0202