Universities sending students texts – and loving Text Marketer’s sub-account feature

University life is an exciting fun filled adventure, meeting new people, exploring a new city/location, occasional learning with the discovery of and completely different levels of hangover! *Stares into space daydreaming of the good old uni days*

Communication between university and student can be tricky. With so much going on throughout university departments and the daily events in the everyday life of a student – things can be easily missed or forgotten.

So universities, colleges and even schools have been looking for the answer, and the answer has been in student’s pockets all along… Mobile phones!
University and School SMS
Top UK universities have now started sending information to their students via text. Every student has a mobile phone, so texting them updates and news via text makes perfect sense for all parties.

At Text Marketer we have seen a huge influx of universities signing up with us and sending texts, so we wanted to grab a quick chat with one…
York University are using Text Marketer to inform and remind students about important information and appointments. One example is of their psychology department who hold  experiments and tasks that they require students to take…

“We recruit subjects for experiments run in the department. We are texting participants to remind them to show up! We see who has an appointment coming up every hour or so and then send them a personalised message.”

Sending texts about open days, visits, meetings, news and events are just some of the messages that universities are sending.

Our sub-account feature is probably one of the reasons why universities are signing up with us as it allows much greater flexibility with the account. Having one master account and the ability to assign a different account to each department within that means they can manage and store their department specific contact groups. Whether that be by class or year group – sending relevant messages to the right students is made easy.

So if you are a university, college or school, or even just a company with a lot of different departments and stores with different customers – then Text Marketer and SMS could be perfect for you!

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