Cyber Monday – bigger than you think

Cyber Monday marketing
Cyber Monday often gets forgotten in all the crazed madness of Black Friday – however it certainly shouldn’t be overlooked among other important events on the retail calendar.
Yes Black Friday seems to make most of the headlines and get the most press coverage, but think of them like the Neville brothers… Yes Gary is the more famous of the two, but good old Phil Neville still has some Premier League titles around his neck and a fair few England caps to wear around the house.
In fact last year’s Cyber Monday broke all the retail records in the US, it’s 15% sales increase meant that it became the biggest online shopping day in US history (Econsultancy)
And over the pond in the UK, we spent a very attractive £720 million on Cyber Monday, which meant a whopping 40% rise compared to 2013 (Econsultancy)
As the name suggests, most purchases and sales are done online for Cyber Monday, which is why a lot of the big retailers send mobile marketing campaigns throughout the day.
Sending their customers an offer via text message with a URL link to their website is very convenient for their customers. They are all very likely to have smartphones, likely to be at work or on the move, so quickly pulling out their phone and doing a spot of bargain retail therapy and Christmas shopping is perfect for them.
The Cyber Monday predictions this year for the UK are a massive £943 million, so whether you have had a great Black Friday or were a little quiet, Cyber Monday definitely gives you another chance to grab some more festive sales.
So please don’t neglect the Phil Nevilles, Venus Williams’ or David Milibands of this world, and start sending some Cyber Monday messages – because the Cyber Monday sales are certainly no Chuckle brother!