SMS is revolutionising in-house communications

In-house business SMS
SMS has been a breath of fresh air for businesses marketing to their customers for many years now. With its low cost, incredibly high response rates and convenience – it has been a win win for all parties.

Communications between employees in big companies can be tricky. Email has been and continues to be a valuable way of communicating important news around the organisation, however what if you have an important message and need to be heard immediately? After the clock has struck 5.30pm, or even at the weekend?

For example, a large shop owner has had one of his workers call in sick, does he…

1. Look through the telephone numbers of all his employees and start ringing through hoping one will say yes to covering the shift?

2. Email them all and hope one responds?

3. Or text all his employees in one bulk send asking if anyone can cover the shift?

Ringing them all could take be time consuming, email is not immediate enough, while it could take a day before they even see the email let alone respond. A simple text message to all his employees is perfect – one message, sent to all and whoever can work can reply to the text or phone into confirm, it can even be automated.

Example 2, a large business is having electricity problems as the street is having new cables fitted.

Does the business owner…
1. Ring all of his employees to say work from home today?
2. Email all of his employees?
3. Or text all of his employees to say, we have a electricity problems today please work from home?

I think you know which is the best option…

SMS has revolutionised the way big companies can quickly and efficiently speak or get important information across to their employees for the better. With our system it’s easy to create and manage your contact groups, so you can segment your employees into different categories, by shop or region, by work sector, temporary staff etc.

We now have many big companies using our SMS service for their sales and product promotions as well as their in-house communications, which is saving them big money and huge amounts of time.

So if you would like to have a chat about how SMS could work for your business, give us a call or sign up here today