Your marketing calendar – the must send days

When to send marketing messages over the festive period
The retail/ecommerce marketing calendar has begun it’s countdown… And now everyday is an important one for retailers in their preparation for bagging those all important festive sales.
With Black Friday on the horizon, Cyber Monday peeping over the hill and the Christmas turkeys starting to question why they all seem to be gaining weight – the retail and ecommerce madness is certainly upon us and we are now coming to the business end of the calendar year for retailers.
It is important to remember that every customer is different as well as every business. However there are some key dates that retailers should really be focusing on and scheduling to send their marketing messages on.
Remember this is the time of year that your customers are dying to receive your offers, they want to hear all about the fantastic products that you have on offer – so make sure you send your customers regular text messages over this period, because you can bet your bottom dollar that your competition will be!