Major retailers start Black Friday early

Black Friday retail business marketing
We predicted it, and we’re sure you did too – some major retailers have already kick started their Black Friday deals. Boots, Amazon and Argos to name but a few – but why?
Because Black Friday has become such a huge phenomenon, pretty much every retailer is now taking part in the sale madness and getting your message heard when everyone is shouting isn’t always the easiest thing to do.
But don’t worry, it is not always he who shouts loudest, or in this case spends the most money that gets heard!
Text Marketer allows you to send out effective and timely mobile marketing messages to your customers to guarantee your message will get heard amongst the crowd.
With the ability to schedule send your messages, send out automated SMS, add URL links and specific landing pages, check message analytics, send huge bulk campaigns and also allow your customers to respond and reply to your messages – mobile marketing really is the perfect tool for Black Friday!
Text Marketer is the UK’s leading SMS marketing provider, supplying some of the biggest names in retail with top quality business SMS tools, from The Body Shop and John Lewis, to independent boutiques like Mainline Menswear – we supply them all.
So this year the money is not on the ones who shout the loudest, but the ones who market the smartest… And the smartest, market with Marketer… Text Marketer.
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