1 out of 4 shoppers came through SMS marketing

SMS marketing retail sales
We knew SMS was good, but this good? Even we were surprised!

The Black Friday madness is now behind us, while the dust settles and the shop shelves are restocked, the statisticians calculators are working overtime to try and figure out this year’s sales stats.

We do know one thing though, that mobile played a huge part in the sales, as more consumers shopped online than in store and mobile traffic exceeded desktop traffic.

However one of our retail clients, Daniel Footwear, had a very special and exceedingly good Black Friday.

As you can probably guess by the name they sell designer shoes, boots, heels and anything else that one could want on their feet, along with some rather nice designer handbags.

They not only operate from their fantastic online store, but have more than 25 shops dotted around the UK, and they, as well as their customers… Love SMS.
The clever stylish chaps over at Daniel Footwear decided to send out an SMS campaign for their Black Friday promotions and their results are rather staggering…

45 thousand text messages sent out on Black Friday

Resulted in 1 out of 4 of their sales on Black Friday coming through their SMS campaign, whether that be purchasing online or in store.

Yes that’s right, 25% of their Black Friday sales came through SMS marketing!!

These results we think you’ll agree are staggering, and are just one of the reasons why so many retailers are signing up with Text Marketer and lining up their SMS campaigns.

So sign up today, start sending and see what you can achieve.