SMS, Santa’s newest little helper

Christmas SMS marketing
The elves are not the only ones helping out Santa this Christmas, as SMS helps ease the load for many across the festive period.
Christmas can be a hectic time for many businesses, where timing is everything. Things need to be done and sorted quickly, messages need to be sent and read quickly, and those office chocolates need to be found and eaten quickly!

All this rushing around and need for instant communication is why SMS is proving to be so popular, not just at Christmas, but throughout the year for businesses.

Sales, sales and more sales
Customers are here, there and everywhere, they’re busy shopping, putting up decorations and dancing at office parties or in some cases recovering. So sending them a text about your Christmas offers or great new products is perfect for them as they are on the move.

Business verdict. Sending an SMS campaign is perfect, it’s quick, easy, low cost and effective. Once you have signed up and uploaded your contacts (which should take around 10 minutes) you could send out a campaign in under 5 – perfect just what you need.

Delivery and order notifications
Customers are often worried about purchasing online in December for the fear that their orders won’t arrive in time for Christmas morning and they will end up rushing around the local 24 hour garage hunting for an acceptable present. So receiving order/delivery notifications will put their mind at rest and also put a big tick in your customer service box.

Business verdict. Happy customers tend to turn into loyal ones, so treating them well and making them happy is good for you in the long run, and little touches like this will go down a storm with the frantic festive shopper.

Work shifts and important information
Staff communication can be a tricky one during the festive period, the colds and flus have usually started to make their way around the country, the festive hangovers come thick and fast, and a lot of workers have saved up their annual leave. So covering shifts and getting important information across quickly and effectively can be tricky, particularly in big organisations, well not with SMS.

Business verdict. Sending all your employees a message about a shift that needs to be covered or important business news is easy and can be done in minutes. With the power to segment your contacts, sending relevant messages to the right staff is also easy and hassle free.

These are just a few ways SMS is helping out this year, but there are many many more, so sign up today and make sure your Christmas is a merry one!