Combine email and SMS marketing with our dotdigital integration

We’ve teamed up and joined forces with dotdigital, and it seems like a very natural relationship. Text Marketer the UK’s best business SMS provider (our opinion but a lot of you agree too – check the reviews) and dotdigital, the UK’s number 1 email marketing provider – it’s a marketing match made in heaven! We have had a lot of companies ask about the possibility of the integration so I am sure many of you are going to be over the moon with the news. We both supply and boast some of the biggest business names around in our client lists, but this special integration is available to one and all – and at no extra charge.

First off you will need to create your free Text Marketer account, or your dotdigital one if you haven’t already got one. Then you will need to grab your dotdigital API account details, this link will show you where you can find them in your account –

Login into your Text Marketer Messagebox account and click the ‘Manage Contacts’ button. Then in the toolbar at the top of the page you will see ‘Import’ and in the dropdown dotdigital.

dotdigital in message box
A pop up window will then ask you to enter your API dotdigital account details. Then you can select the contact group you want to import, select ‘Phone number’ from the dropdown field below – then click “get subscribers.”

dotdigital in message box uploading contacts

From these simple steps all of your contacts will be imported into a single contact group within your Text Marketer Message Box account, meaning you will be able to send them text messages as you wish.

This integration we are sure is music to the ears of many marketers and businesses out there and should be able to put your business to the top of the charts.