SMS helping you save and succeed this year

SMS saving businesses money
January… Although the start of the month might be overshadowed by those January blues, it’s also a month that should be full of optimism for the New Year. Forecasting targets, making exciting plans, and undertaking new ventures for your business in order to help it succeed, are likely to all be on the January to-do list.

But January is also a month that is associated with trying to save money. Our festive exploits leave most of us with an empty drinks cabinet, slightly chubbier around the waist, and almost certainly with a slightly lighter bank account.

So as you are formulating your plans on how your business can have 2016 world domination, we take a look at how Text Marketer can you help you save and succeed this year…

First off, save!

We make no bones about it, we are a low cost SMS provider. We have always kept a trimmed, tightly run ship here at Text Marketer, allowing us to keep our costs down. This in turn allows us to provide you with some of the lowest prices on the market.

In fact, at Text Marketer we will save you an average of 38% on your SMS bill 

When it comes to saving money, it all adds up and that’s a great big saving to start the year with – however we don’t just stop there…


Purchase between 1,000 to 10,000 credits on your first purchase with us and we will double your credits for free! Buy 10 thousand and we will make it 20… So enjoy your savings and free credits.

Now for the succeeding part.

As the mighty mobile phone grows with importance, use and function in the day to day life of the average consumer, so too does the power, success and importance of mobile marketing for businesses.

We now feel naked without our mobile phones, they are our calendars, our cameras, our banking tool, our internet surfing device and our multi entertainment device… They are our new best friend and one that we just can’t live without.

It’s because of this constant contact with our mobile phones that mobile marketing is seeing such huge success stories…

1 in 4 shoppers came through our SMS campaign
SMS marketing increased our sales turnover by 30%
Sales increased by 32% the day after we sent our campaign

However it’s not just sales that mobile marketing is helping businesses with, recruitment, in-house communications and preventing missed appointments…are all uses for the powerful device. Anything and everything is now being made easier and more effective with a simple text message.
So let Text Marketer and SMS help your business save and succeed this year… And here is to a successful 2016!