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Why should you survey by SMS?

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SMS surveys

We are very excited by our new service, SMS surveys, but not as excited as you it seems.

We have already had plenty of you ringing in to inquire about SMS surveys, with many of you already using them to get valuable feedback about your business from customers.

But why SMS surveys?

Getting your customer’s feedback about what they like about your business, what new things they would like to see, or what your business could improve on is something we would all like to know – but getting that information can be tricky.

Customers don’t really want to spend time filling out long questionnaires in-store while they have other tasks to see to. Nor do they want to take a website survey when they could be browsing elsewhere… So how then?

Well SMS surveys really has revolutionised the feedback and data acquiring world. Sending your customers a few simple questions, and by text, allows you to get that important information that you need and want pretty much instantly.

“95% said they would respond to an SMS survey request”

And of course with our easy to use SMS system and incredibly low prices, there really is no other way or place you should be sending your business SMS.

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