Top marketing campaigns from 2015

Top Marketing Campaigns 2015

When January arrives we often get nostalgic over the last year. 2015 was a busy one full of success, failures, messages, plenty of cups of tea and more biscuits than we anticipated – so we want to take a look at some of our marketing highlights of the year…
American Eagle Outfitters
Starting off with a mobile marketing campaign by American Eagle Outfitters, a fashion retailer who experimented with their mobile marketing and reaped in the rewards.
They have a big online presence but they wanted something to reward in store shoppers. On the walls on their changing rooms they posted ‘Text JEANS to ….’ this entered the customer into a free competition to win a prize but also sent the customer an extra 15% off voucher by SMS.
The best marketing evokes an emotion or a feeling, whether that be a smile, a laugh, a tear, or a personalised sense of feeling special. We all like to get that little bargain and getting money off vouchers that are limited make you feel like you are part of an exclusive group.
It was a great way to engage customers with their brand, get them through the door, reward them and collect your customer’s data – top marks all round.
Daniel Footwear
Another fashion retailer who is getting great results from their mobile marketing exploits is Daniel Footwear, no prizes for guessing what they specialise in.
They decided to send out some Black Friday marketing messages about their offers and from all of their Black Friday purchases, whether that be online or in store, 1 out of 4 came through their SMS marketing messages – read more here
Flight Quotes
Flight Quotes are an online company who sell discounted business class flights. You might think that high end jet setters wouldn’t respond or like being marketed to via their mobile phone – you couldn’t be further from the truth, and that’s where Flight Quotes put themselves ahead of the competition.
Through sending out mobile marketing messages with flight offers they have received a 30% increase in their sales turnover! Their return on investment was 3 times higher than on PPC and has led them to completely change their marketing strategy – read more here
Friends Furever
This Google Android advert took the whole globe by storm in 2015 and has become the most shared ad of the year, according to tech company Unruly, the most shared advert of all time.
Cute animals have always proved popular and successful in marketing, advertising and in the world of the internet and none more so than with this little 2015 gem. With its strap line of “Be together. Not the same,” they bring a playful and happy feeling enhanced by the home video style and song that most people associate their childhood with… Well played to all involved.

And the viral headline grabbing…
Protein World
Protein World released a campaign this year which angered a lot of people, their ‘Beach Body Ready’ campaign was slaughtered by many, was in the press for all the wrong reasons and led to the campaign eventually being take down.
We thought we would wade in with our version of their campaign…

Beach body ready

This year we have seen even more advertisers and marketeers shift their attention towards mobile. Because of its low cost, it’s not just the big brands that are reaping in the rewards of the mobile marketing.
If you would like to discuss how mobile marketing could help your business then give us a call, and maybe we could be talking about your campaign in a year’s time.