Text your customers from your very own email account

We all know a busy office can be pretty manic and hard to organise, bits of paper here, sticky notes there, and the chocolate hobnobs over there.

Dropping in and out of various different marketing platforms can sometimes make things a little tricky, also getting staff up to speed with the different platforms and their password logins can be hard to do with so many jobs on the to-do list.

Now our online SMS system is incredibly simple to use, we are sure you can get your whole staff up and running on it easily and very quickly in a matter of minutes, no time at all…

However, we know that some of you just prefer sending out an email… So welcome to our fantastically clever email to SMS gateway!

By getting your very own Text Marketer txtUs virtual mobile number not only will your customers be able to text you first, but you will be able to have a full text conversation with your customers all through your very own email platform!

It’s pretty much the same process as sending an email except you get the fantastic response rates you get from SMS, and it’s much more convenient for your customers. The process works as follows…

Send text messages from your email account

So basically you write your email and press send. Then we turn your email into a text and we send it to your customer. Then when they text back, we turn their text back into an email and send it to you – job done!
All your email/text conversation is stored in your email account like a normal email thread.
Keeping your customers happy and informed doesn’t have to be hard or tasking, and here at Text Marketer we make it easy.
For more instructional details about this feature check out this blog post