How to successfully ruin your Mother’s Day

Mothers Day marketing

Mother’s all around the UK will be loved and spoiled this weekend, however there are always some Mother’s that unfortunately get forgotten by their forgetful children… Or those that don’t receive an SMS!
Mother’s Day is a great chance for many different sectors to grab some extra sales, but if you don’t let people know about your great products then you are not going to get them shifted off the shelves or get those bums on your seats – that’s where SMS comes in.
Send your customers a gentle reminder that Mother’s Day is on the horizon and what you have got to offer, as we’re sure we are not the only ones who get stuck for present ideas.

Mothers Day campaign

The response rates with SMS are far superior to any other marketing method, and sending out a big marketing campaign when people are actively looking for present ideas is the perfect time to send.
So whether you are a florist, restauranteur, health spa, retailer, hairdresser or chocolatier… Don’t let anymore Mother’s Day’s been ruined by forgetful unorganised children – send out a Mother’s Day SMS campaign today.
For more Mother’s Day stats checkout this infographic