Erecruit Adapt and Text Marketer – providing recruiters with the perfect toolkit

Erecruit Adapt and Text Marketer have been working together for many years now, and our SMS integration has helped many recruitment agencies fill their placements effectively, run their business smoothly and, importantly, allow their business to grow.

“We have been supplying Adapt customers with SMS for many years, the integration is simple and quick. We support and have taken some customers through the process step by step but this is rarely needed due to the simplicity of it all. We are proud to work with Adapt and long may it continue.”
Paul Spencer – Director, Text Marketer

Recruitment goes hand in hand with SMS and has done for several years now, and some of the biggest names in recruitment are using this very SMS integration, combining the wonderful Adapt platform with the powerful and low-price SMS services of Text Marketer – now that’s a winning team!

“For busy, on the go recruiters, fast and reliable text message services are imperative. Combining that power with a Adapt database brings recruiter, client and candidate communications full circle in the best possible way. Via the Adapt Text Marketer integration, it’s easy to text message individuals or create full lists for effective text marketing campaigns. Text Marketer provide slick SMS services at very competitive prices and we’re delighted to be their industry partner.”
Toby Conibear – Business Development Director, Adapt International Software

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So why are recruiters using SMS?
SMS saves recruiters time and helps them work more effectively and efficiently, for example…
You have a job that needs to be filled, let’s say it’s for an Account Manager. You have built up a database of Account Manager contacts and you think there are around 400 applicants that might be interested or right for the job. So do you…
A) Give them all a call?
B) Send them all an email?
C) Text them all in one bulk send?
You haven’t got time for option A. Sitting down and ringing 400 hundred people is a massive waste of time and very costly. Secondly, a lot of candidates are currently in a job so it’s going to be very inconvenient for them to receive a call about another job.
Option B is less time consuming, tick. However, emails suffer from spam filters and are very easily missed and ignored. So when you are trying to fill this vacancy quickly, email is not really going to cut it either.
So to option C, or as we would like to call it, the correct way. Sending out a bulk SMS with the job specification is perfect for the busy recruiter…
• Cost effective – sending out bulk text messages with Text Marketer costs peanuts
• Time efficient – write your message and press ‘send’
• Discreet and convenient – customers will appreciate and like it
• And with Adapt’s Text Marketer SMS integration it couldn’t be easier!
So if you want to take advantage of recruitment’s hottest partnership then,
Head over to Adapt here
Sign up for your Adapt Text Marketer account here
And for some instructions on how to integrate have a read here
Happy recruiting!