Text Marketer – the first choice when it comes to SMS and RDBProNet

RDBProNet SMS integration

Text Marketer have been working with First Choice software and their RDB ProNet recruitment software now for many, many years – a relationship that has helped and continues to help many recruitment agencies grow their business.
SMS has become a recruiter’s best friend, saving them time and money, whilst also helping with efficiency and making the whole process more convenient for candidates.

“The integration with Text Marketer is going to allow our users to do much more with their RDB ProNet CRM. First, they will be able to go into either the Notebook function or the Mailshot function and send out SMS messages to any contacts and applicants that they consider. Second, there is also one specific function that allows users to quickly send an SMS notification to potential Applicants on any Long List when resourcing a role. And finally, they can be notified when there is a response which will also be added to the relevant part of the database too (additional cost and set up required for this functionality). And it is so easy to “get it running”! You can download and install the integration from the RDB Store with a couple of clicks!”
Stuart Thomas, Head of Client Services at First Choice software

With the amazing RDB ProNet recruitment platform, mixed with our powerful low cost SMS gateway, you really are getting the perfect recruitment tool…

“Our SMS integration for RDB ProNet is being used by some the biggest names in recruitment, right down to the new start up recruitment agencies… They love our incredibly low prices and all of them love how quick and easy it is to setup – setting up our SMS integration with your RDB ProNet account really is a no brainer and will certainly be a decision you won’t regret”
Paul Spencer, Director at Text Marketer

So if you are looking for ways to take your recruitment business to the next level, then look no further than RDB ProNet and Text Marketer – your first choice when it comes to SMS and recruitment.
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