Wow – Another customer just used the ‘C word’

One of our account managers just finished a phone call with a very shocked expression on their face, a look of wonder and amazement, as a potential customer has just phoned in and used the ‘C word’.

Now we have spent many years here at the Text Marketer towers trying to improve and perfect our SMS system and features to help you get the best possible results from SMS. And we know that our SMS platform is one of, if not the best, online business SMS system on the market today. With it’s easy to use layout, simple style, fantastic free features, helpful guides and it’s ability to be completely self-serve… There really is no other SMS system that comes close.

So with all this in mind you can imagine our shock horror when a potential customer phones in and uses this soul destroying ‘C word’ that almost completely rendered all our years of hard work and testing completely useless.

That ‘C word’ we are talking about of course is… Cost.

As our account manager explained all the great possibilities and results you can expect from mobile marketing, they then went onto demonstrate all the fantastic features and service you can expect with a Text Marketer account – to which the customer replied…

“Ok sounds great but how much does all this cost? It’s all about price for us…”

What? You mean all our years of hard work, sweat, tears and even blood (damn those paper cuts!) in creating the perfect online business SMS service is obsolete as you just want the cheapest on the market!?

Well luckily the good news for our customers is, although we work exceptionally hard on our platform, improving it and making sure it’s the best it can be – we are an incredibly price led company… And providing you with the lowest possible price for SMS is still our main aim, and in actual fact…

Although we offer a great service we are still cheaper than most of our competitors on the market anyway!!

On average we save our customers an incredible and very healthy 56% on their SMS bill… A whopping 56%!!! That will certainly mount up to be a huge saving over the months and years.

Low cost SMS provider

But not only can you save money on every message you send with Text Marketer but on your first purchase with us we will DOUBLE YOUR CREDITS for FREE!!

Buy between 1,000 and 10,000 and we will double them for free which is an incredible offer not to be missed – that works out at 1.65p per message!

So in fact, we love it when a customer phones in and uses the ‘C word’ as we are all about that ‘C word’… Cost.
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