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Big news for retailers! Shoppers are now…

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For years now, we have been hearing and reading about the year of the mobile, mobile is going to do this, mobile is going to do that, but now we have some important information for retailers all over the world…

2015 was the year that the shopper went mobile

Yep that’s it, it’s official. Mobile has finally taken over the retail world and has become the platform to shop on for customers, and the platform to market on for retailers.

In 2015 there was a rise of 26% in digital commerce growth – and mobile is nearly 100% responsible for that. In fact, mobile website visits and orders all grew, with mobile phones traffic share rising from 36% to 43% and the mobile order share rising to 37% from 31% (Demandware).

However, it was a very different story for the tablet and desktop as both now struggle against the might of the mobile.

“In 2015, the shopper went mobile, and this is driving the mobile-first mandate for retailers”
Rick Kenney, Demandware

The mobile stats and figures are continuing to rise rapidly, in fact even on the day of posting this article IMRG Capgemini eRetail Sales Index report has stated that…

The amount spent on smartphones in the UK has doubled in Q1 of 2016

The mobile has become the go to device for any function or need, whether you are trying to remember the name of that footballer who missed an open goal for Liverpool, booking a holiday, transferring money from your bank or buying a new outfit for Saturday night – the mobile can do it all. (Football answer at the bottom of the page)

In fact, inmobi Insights research states that 80% of millennials experience a brand for the first time on a mobile – so you better get your mobile website looking right.

So it appears that the average UK shopper takes a multi-channel approach when shopping, looking and hunting for items on their mobile phone with an increasing number going onto purchase on their mobile phones. And then some purchasing later on via their desktops.

With all this in mind, what is now the best way to market to the average UK customer?

The answer lies in your pocket, your handbag or on your desk right now… The mobile phone.

Marketing to the device where your customers are researching, looking, comparing and purchasing, is exactly the place where you need to be marketing to your customers – and it seems the UK agrees as the latest UK digital ad spending figures have just been released…

Mobile ad spend was up £1bn on 2014 to £2.63bn and mobile accounted for 78% of all digital growth in 2015 
IAB and PwC

So sign up today and start letting your customers know about your business, brand or products before you start to get left behind by the competition.

…And the answer is Ronny Rosenthal.

Mobile retailers infographic
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