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Euro 2016 – how to make your business the real winner

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Now that the England squad has been announced, you can almost feel the hope and excitement in the air – which unfortunately in England’s case is usually followed by disappointment and tears.

However maybe this year will be different, maybe we can follow in Leicester City’s footsteps and be the unlikely victors in France… Well we can dream!

But maybe Leicester aren’t only an influence for sporting teams and players all around the world on how to topple the giants, maybe they can inspire the underdogs in every sector, even in business.

Euro 2016 business mobile marketing

We know that these huge sporting events are plastered with huge advertising budgets and sponsorship deals of the giant brands and businesses from around the world… But can the small to medium sized businesses cash in too? Can they be the real winner and be the Leicester City of the business world?

So, like Leicester you have a small budget but that shouldn’t hold you back…

Mobile marketing is the most responsive form of marketing, you can virtually guarantee your marketing message will be heard, in fact 98% of all text messages are read, so it’s a great place to start. Read some success stories here

However, you will still need that crucial signing to make the difference… enter Text Marketer.

With no sign up fee you can grab a Text Marketer account for free, and unlike footballers there are no enormous monthly contracts to pay – in fact there is none at all!

But here is the real clincher, the real championship winning goal…

When you sign up with Text Marketer you get DOUBLE CREDITS on your first purchase between 1,000 – 10,000!

That means with our extremely low prices you can get 20,000 SMS credits for £300! Never mind Jamie Vardy, that is the bargain of the century!! That works out at 1.65p per message!

Now whatever your business sells, spending during these big global tournaments usually increases… So whether you run a restaurant, an electronics store, a clothes shop or a pizza shop… Get your messages sent during the tournament and make sure your business is the real winner.

Sample text messages…

“Want to get away from the football? Book a table at our restaurant tonight and we will give you 10% off for more details call us on 01234 456 789”

“Want to watch the game? Our new 40inch HD tele’s are the only real way to watch it – only £599 for more great deals www.tele.com

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