Game of phones – what wins the war, ringing or texting?

The mobile phone has beaten the dog to become our new best friend, or BFF for the more ‘hip’ readers amongst you. We love them. We take them everywhere with us, we even sit on the porcelain throne with them.

The phone changed the way we communicate, giving us the ability to ring and speak to anyone in the world. Then came the SMS text message, again it completely revolutionised the way we communicate – but which is now the preferred method?

How does the average Jon Snow prefer to communicate on their mobile?

The answer is pretty clearly answered in the following stat…

75% would rather lose the ability to ring than text

That will probably be no surprise to you as we are sure we all text more than we ring, however what about when it comes to brands and businesses, what do customers prefer then?

It seems that when it comes to brands and businesses contacting us, we prefer for them to contact us through text message. Not only do we prefer to communicate by text but we find it more convenient and less disruptive that a voice call.

But why do we prefer brands and businesses contacting us by text than ringing?

14% say it makes them feel valued by the company
19% prefer it as they think it’s more personal
53% because texting is their personal preference of communication
76% as it’s less invasive

We all know that when it comes to business making your customers happy and giving them what they want is right up there on our must-do lists – so don’t be a Joffrey, why not give your customers what they want and start send them text messages!

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Text Marketer game of phones infographic texting vs calling