How not to sound like a robot with automated SMS

Automated marketing

When signing up to receive SMS notifications and updates, we know that each one probably wasn’t written out individually with the names, dates, product info etc changed depending on recipient. But at the same time we know that the template certainly was put together by an actual person and not a static, emotionless piece of machinery.
An automated SMS system can help take the hard work out of your marketing. By using our API you can create triggers to create a clever auto-response system, such as when someone signs up, makes an appointment, buys a product, etc and then automatically send your written message.
So even if your texts are automated, they shouldn’t sound like a Darlek’s day in the office. Here are five tips to put some life in your messages.
1. Use common terms and informal language
Love it or hate it but an SMS is only 160 characters. Do you need to send your customers delivery information? Or do you need to send delivery info? That’s 7 characters already saved and it’s a common phrase that everyone should be able to understand.
2. However, don’t go too far with it
Abbreviations are wonderful things when trying to keep an eye on character limits but they can be terribly confusing when they’re not widely recognised.
3. Go easy on the capitals
We know there’s a few people who like the looks of capitalisation at the beginning of every word but we know full well no one has the patience to do that in an SMS. Also avoid random capitalisation of words, this can be easily done when inserting custom terms.
Original – Receive 15% OFF until 14th May on any HAIR SERVICE! Call 0123456789 to BOOK IN NOW!! limited spaces available quote “TEXT127”
Revised – Get 15% OFF your hair bill until the 14/5/16 Quote “TEXT127” when booking your appointment. Limited spaces available. Call on 0123456789
4. Be concise, don’t waffle
This may seem obvious as you do have a character limit to think about but we still see messages that could be much shorter. No one wants an essay coming through on their phones.
Original Hi there, Appointments are available this week at [Salon Name]. Why not treat yourself to a relaxing and rejuvenating Rejuvenating Facial, pamper those tootsies with an Organic Pedicure or enjoy a long lasting Shellac Manicure. Appointments currently available tomorrow, availability is extremely limited on Friday and Saturday. So call now to book! Love [Salon Name]

Revised – Hi there, we have a number of appointments available tomorrow & this week. Why not treat yourself to a luxury facial, pedicure or manicure? Call 0123456789 to book!
5. Use humour and be quirky
Nothing goes down better than having a generic message that’s been well thought out, creative and unique. If your brand voice is light-hearted it’s worth trying something new and setting yourself apart from the rest.
Example – Thank you for your order. Our magic mirror has foreseen that your parcel should arrive Tuesday between 9am and 1pm.
The point is that you are not a robot and neither are the people receiving the messages, therefore texting like a human should come naturally, we hope.