How customers are using their mobiles in your shop

So because your business does most of its trade in its bricks and mortar shop, you think that mobile marketing is not for you, you think it’s only for online shops… Send them a link to your website and hey presto you’ve got a sale – well you got that bit right, however…

Smartphones in store

So even if most of your trade does take place the old fashioned way, over the counter through conversation by an actual human being – the mighty mobile is still very important to you because when they wonder round your shop, sure enough their phone will find its way into their hands.

So what are they doing on their phone?

Well it appears this is yet another area where women and men differ slightly as Retale research states that…

In-store women…

1. 66% Are searching for coupons or deals
2. 62% Accessing saved coupons
3. 62% Comparing prices

And the men…

1. 53% Are checking product reviews
2. 52% Are comparing prices
3. 50% Finding nearby store locations

I am sure you all guessed that prices and offers would feature highly up the lists, but how can you combat this and give your customers exactly what they want before they put their phone back in their pocket and leave your shop?

Well the research guys over at Retale found that…

57% of shoppers were more likely to shop at a store if there were available deals/offers in store

76% of shoppers were more likely to shop at a store if loyalty programs were available

Now these two stats do present great opportunities for your store. We have previously written about the end of the loyalty card and hello to mobile loyalty schemes (read here), these schemes are proving more and more popular – who wants to carry around a load of cards when you can just have it on your phone!?

So throughout your shop why not advertise your very own mobile loyalty scheme, even at the till…

“By the way if you sign up to our mobile loyalty scheme you will get 10% off your first purchase”

Now who in their right mind would turn down 10% off as they are about to pay for a product? No one. And before you know it you will have collected a lorry load of customer data that you could send out little future offers, new products and updates to.

Customers like nothing more than to feel special and like they are getting a good deal – so sign up now for free and turn your browsing shoppers into spending customers!