Making happy guests with hotel SMS

If there is one industry where customer satisfaction and quality of service are the top priority, it is hospitality. Hoteliers have the demanding job of providing the ultimate hospitality package to their guests, from the moment they book a room, up until the day they check out and beyond.
With the rapid growth of the mobile channel, it has become crucial that the hotel industry makes it easy to reserve rooms quickly and easily on their phones.

Booking hotels with mobile

The handheld device is much more than a means to an end. There’s a substantial movement sweeping through the travel and hospitality industry, as hotels and restaurants are using mobile messaging to engage with customers. SMS has the ability to provide customers with the information they need effortlessly and strengthen customer service.
It’s fast, it’s cost-effective and it’s versatile.
With 90% of text messages being read within the three minutes of being received, your messages are practically guaranteed to be seen. That reminder about a reservation or an offer at the restaurant or a discounted upgrade will be surely taken up by your guest.
There are so many options available to you where do you begin and how can your hotel use SMS.
The Confirmation.
Knowing that your reservation has been successful is a relief especially when booking on the move which a lot of mobile users will be. Even if these are sent by email they can still get missed due to filters or just lost amongst the crowd and perhaps, more importantly, a person must be connected to the internet in order to view the email.
The Arrival
Do you have a security code to get in after a certain time or perhaps allocated parking for guests? Helpful information sent out to your guests on the day of arrival can help make checking in a breeze which is exactly what your guests will want after a long journey.
Similarly, a welcome text could be a fantastic modern alternative to the welcome note often found in the guests’ room upon arrival.
The Wi-Fi Login
This is a modern day must, especially if your hotel is privy to office meetings and conferences. Make sure your guests are able to connect as soon as they arrive by letting them know the details and how to get online.
The Checkout
Instead of slipping invoices under the door or having a busy service desk in the morning of departure, SMS checkout messages can be automatically sent with very little hassle. Not only is this easier on the hotel, but it also gives the guest one less thing to worry about or figure out at departure.
The Survey
Collecting customer feedback is invaluable to all businesses but it can be hard to get responses. SMS Surveys are a great way to gain insight from your guests and due to their quick and simple nature, you can get a response rate of up to 30% which is much better than email.
The Loyalty Reward
Happy guests make regular guests. Beyond offering a clean, attractive and well-equipped hotel, customer service is key. The best way to keep customers coming back to your hotel, again and again, is to reward them for doing just that – being loyal. Sending an SMS offer for a discounted stay can be a great marketing method that your guests can’t refuse.
The Employee Rota
SMS is not just for your customers’ interests but is a great communication tool for your employees as well. Training courses, shift cancellations, important updates can be sent to your staff members instantaneously and as 90% of people keep their phones within arm’s reach there’s a high chance that your message will have been read.
The beauty of SMS marketing is that it’s inexpensive, easy to do and usually has a much higher ROI than email, print or other forms of advertisement. With our API integration, you could be one step closer to providing the complete care package for your guests and your staff.