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The three most important things when it comes to marketing

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Three little pigs, three blind mice and the three musketeers… it certainly seems as though three is the magic number!

And when it comes to marketing it seems that it is no different, as the most important things you need to factor into your marketing also equates to that magic little number three.

So without further-ado let’s crack on and look through these three marketing gems…

Important marketing lessons

Make it personal 
Everyone likes to feel special. No one wants to feel like just another number and another walking money sign, and by showing them you care with some personal treatment you will be able to make your customers happy and also turn them into loyal customers that keep coming back for more.

Use their first name in your messages, make a note of their birthday and send them out a special birthday offer – it’s these little touches that will help you build up a good customer relationship.

Make it relevant 
Try and build up a good customer profile, what have they bought from you before? What are they interested in? A lot like the ‘You might also be interested in’ sections of websites, this will help you send relevant content to your customers and show/send them things that they will be genuinely interested in.

Segment your data into different contact groups, Male – Female, under 30 – over 30, and even by interest… For example if you sell sports equipment, anyone that has bought football related gear goes into one group, rugby another, tennis etc. Then when you have new products in…

Important marketing lessons

Make it on time
There are obviously certain times of the day where messages are more effective and better received… No one wants a message at 2 o’clock in the morning.

The best thing to do is to think about the product you are selling, the message you are sending and what your average customer will be doing at that time.

Retailers might want to think about sending messages early evening when people are having some downtime, fast food outlets and restaurants in the afternoon to get those taste buds tingling and going back to our sports shop, in and around major sporting events whilst interest is high.

Final thought…

If you can do all that with a smile on your face and a friendly charm, then you are onto a winner. It is important to remember that people generally buy from people – how many times have we all bought things because the person serving us was nice and friendly? How many times have we walked out of a shop, not bought something or gone somewhere else because we didn’t like the staff or service?

Build that customer relationship, build it into a customer friendship and by following these little things you will be able to not only build up your customer base, but also build up your loyal customer base.

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