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Every few years we usually see an advance in technology or a new trend that leads to a new wave of businesses coming through… And there is nothing more we love to see than new exciting business ventures using SMS in creative ways.

So what’s this year’s new hot business model?

Subscription clubs. Maybe they are nothing new from the old magazine monthly subscription businesses but we are now seeing all sorts of monthly subscriptions businesses pop-up.

Maybe Spotify and Netflix have paved the way for the new age subscription business model but now we are seeing all sorts… In our office we have some Gousto subscribers, getting food delivered weekly that apparently turns them into Jamie Oliver!

We have some Beer 52‘ers who get various beers delivered monthly, we have some vinyl clubbers, gin clubs, tea clubs… Anything and everything can now pretty much get delivered straight to your door.

SMS subscription marketing

Well it would be safe to assume that these people who are signing up to these kind of things are pretty tech-savvy, and they either lead busy lives and are short of time to do certain things or have a real genuine interest in the chosen club.

So sending little updates, news and notifications all by SMS is going to fit perfectly with them…

“Hey Sam, just a reminder that you need to choose your meals for next week’s delivery – just click this link”

“Fancy something different? We have just had a great new summer range of Gins in, so have a little look on our website and maybe try something new – website link”

Obviously in businesses like these, making sure that your subscribers are happy with your service is imperative – however when there is no real customer interaction that can be tricky… Hello SMS surveys…SMS surveys




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