Engage with your customers and staff with SMS polls

The perfect SMS campaign shouldn’t just rely solely on marketing but should also be engaging with your customers. Asking for thoughts and opinions to those who matter most to your business whether it’s customers or staff, can be strategic for making company decisions quickly.

A text message poll is another great way to grow your SMS database and gather opinions on one topic. SMS polling and text voting creates interactive voting campaigns for all industries.

So you want to know what devices people use when they buy from your website. You can send them a poll to quickly find out.

“Hi Lucy, as a valued customer of Awesomeshop.com, we would like to know what device you use when you buy from us. Text back A for Computer/PC, B for Mobile browser, C for Mobile Application or D for Tablet”

It’s always valuable to know how your most loyal customers are purchasing from you. Not only does it demonstrate the best way to market to your users but also indicate how successful your app may be.

A more familiar way to use SMS polls is with competitions. We’ve all seen them on the TV where we see a simple question and 3 preselected answers where only one can realistically be correct. Unlike the ones on the television, however, is that it costs no more than the standard network charge for your entrants to take part as Text Marketer do not use premium rates.

Try and ask a question relevant to your industry so for example if you’re a holiday/travel agency you could offer a competition where your customers can win £500 spending money if they can answer the following question: What is the capital of Hungary? Text 88802 with one of the following, BUDAPEST, VIENNA or AMSTERDAM.
SMS Poll Question
To run a competition poll like this requires a bit of forethought as you will have to purchase the keywords in order to allow people to text that word into the 88802 short code.

As long as you remember to have an enticing prize that suits your brand such as the opportunity to win £150 shopping voucher to use in store or a free night stay in your hotel. You will find that collecting customers’ data has never been so easy.

SMS Polls and competitions, drive consumer responses and provide valuable data for your next text marketing campaign.

Get in touch with us today on how you can create your own SMS questionnaire or poll or if you’d like to try for yourself sign up here for a free trial.