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Make your SMS campaign win gold this summer

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Summer SMS marketing

There are few sporting events that have the same ‘wow factor’ as the Olympics and Paralympics. And although we’ll never admit to anything being better than London 2012 -  we’re definitely excited to see what Rio has in store.

The TV takeover from entertainment to sport is universal when it comes to the Olympics, and this year it’s thought that nearly two-thirds (64%) of Britons that will watch the Olympics on TV will use an internet-connected device at the same time (RadiumOne).

This is nothing new, in fact, it’s how many of us watch TV these days. One eye on the screen and the other looking up what program you recognise that person from. Some may think of it as a distraction whereas others hail it as a mini encyclopaedia, but no one can deny the usefulness and the necessity of having a mobile phone.

At a time where the public is incredibly motivated to be more active and take up a new sport, a little SMS incentive can be their first step from the couch to athletic superhero. It’s even easier when their phone is already in their hand as well.

SMS has been making it easier for gyms and fitness clubs to update their members with new classes and courses, special deals and events. It’s also a great way of reaching past members and offer them a special re-joining fee.

“Hi, Jean. Have you been inspired by TeamGB? Our swim sessions have 15% off until August 31. Come and make a splash!”


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Gyms are not the only industry able to encourage the motivated public to get to their feet. The best sports equipment can come with a big price tag which can put off newly inspired beginners. A well-timed SMS can see your offer swept up in a matter of minutes.

“Fancy yourself the next Robin Hood? You can now hire our bows as well as buy. View our range here”

Of course, it’s not just going to be the sport that’s going to be captivating us but the sunny sights of Brazil and South America. While some of us will be inspired to do something active, some of us will just be yearning for an exotic trip away for the next holiday.

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You can see how Flight Quotes have been successful with SMS here.

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