WOW – 7 out of 10 retailers are still missing out on SMS

We are absolutely stunned by this stat! Despite the explosive growth in text-based communications, many retailers are ignoring one of their greatest opportunities for marketing and engaging with their customers.

According to OpenMarket only 3 out of 10 retailers participate in SMS and text message marketing – which we find staggering!
Retail SMS marketing
These incredible findings have revealed that out of all those surveyed, SMS was only used by 29% of companies which was lower than all other methods of digital outreach as well as traditional. Out of those clever lot that do use SMS, the vast majority are well known global brands and of course are getting amazing results!

The companies that actively take part in SMS communications have found numerous benefits including:

• 69 percent of online retailers using SMS do so because it sets them apart from all the others
• 40 percent use SMS simply to meet customer demand

It’s not just retailers who are reaping the benefit of SMS though as consumers prefer to receive rewards and messages by SMS. Many people prefer to receive text messages from companies as it’s less time consuming and more convenient, as well as being able to receive a call back by request.
However, this lack of SMS from some appears that it may not be the case for much longer. Nearly two-thirds of those surveyed who aren’t currently engaged with SMS and text message marketing say that they see it as an avenue they will be doing in the future.

Those that have found success with SMS have seen improvements in their efficiency, reach and business impact with an overall very impressive ROI which sets a great example for others to follow suit.

Just some of our retail case studies

Mainline Menswear – 93% rise in website traffic. Read how here
Daniel Footwear – 1 our 4 customers came through our SMS. Read more here
Reem Clothing – Our SMS was so successful our website crashed. Read more here

All retailers are looking to give their customer the best retail experience possible and this certainly means including mobile and SMS into the process. By reminding customers when it’s time to replenish supplies whilst they’re in stock can really boost intent of purchase, and it’s even better when these gentle reminders can be linked to loyalty program so they can be rewarded after a purchase.

The reality is that your customers and consumers are ‘texters’ and if you want to build on your customer relationships than SMS is essential supporting that bond.

So don’t sit on the fence any longer and see what all the SMS marketing fuss is about by signing up for a free account with Text Marketer today.