Introducing… Bespoke tailor-made mobile journeys!

We are very proud and excited to be able to introduce to you our brand spanking new product… Mobile journeys.
As we all know the smartphone is a wonderful device, with so many different functions on it, it’s easy to lose yourself for hours in all its capabilities.
With mobile journeys we think we have come up with a real humdinger of a product that strips away all the noise and channels the customer to your desired outcome.
What is a mobile journey?
It’s a tailor-made journey that is delivered to your customer’s handset taking them from A to B in a self-serve, self-contained, app-like environment.
So basically if you want your customers to complete a particular task, like make a payment, fill out a form or make an appointment, mobile journeys allows you bespoke design that journey for your customers in one contained mobile environment – no distractions, no wrong turns.
Let’s have a look at what an example recruitment agency could use a mobile journey for…
So our recruitment company is called Recruit Me, and they want to reduce their staff work load and build up their database of candidates, without having to take a loads of calls or sending out loads of emails.

Mobile journey 2
Mobile journey 3

So we have a tailor-made bespoke mobile journey, with a branded image and logo in the header. Then a series of screens that gets the information we need, without hassling our recruitment staff.
Mobile journeys can save your business time and money, and allow your staff to get on with the important tasks on their to-do lists.
For more information or to discuss mobile journeys with our team give us a call on 0117 205 0202 or email us on