There is nothing spooky about the UK’s Halloween spending

Halloween interest has been growing in the UK for some time now, and what started out as an American celebration has certainly made it’s way over the pond to us Brits.
Now, granted we might not celebrate it as much as our friends from over the Atlantic, however the retail sales are certainly not to be missed or sniffed at for UK retailers. And Halloween is now being seen by many retailers as the start of the road down to the festive period.
So with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and of course the fantastic festive period all fast approaching, why not make sure you start off on the road down to the festive period with a bang and make sure it’s a success.

“Peekaboo we have a special Halloween offer for you! Use the code SPOOKY to get 20% off on all selected items in-store or online

By getting the ball rolling with a Halloween campaign, you should hopefully see your sales snowballing up into November and building up to a huge crescendo in December…
So get sending… And have a great Halloween however you spend it!
Just some UK Halloween stats…

Text Marketer Halloween spending infographic