Why is customer feedback so important?

Customer feedback SMS surveys
Now the above may not be a completely true story, well actually it’s completely made up, but that’s not the point. The point is, whichever company Bill works for have no easy way of finding out why their customers left – but customers leaving is never good news.
With consumers having more and more choice over products and services, it is now more important than ever to know what your customers think of your business and get that all important customer feedback. By knowing exactly why the above 67 customers left, Bill may be able to stop more slipping through the net.
But wait I hear you say, I don’t want to lose 67 customers, please Sir, tell me how to stop them leaving – easy, ask them for their feedback.
After your customer has made a purchase or used your services ask them for their feedback. It really is that easy to get customer feedback, you can ask them immediately after they have purchased, a couple of hours or a day after depending on your business. Getting customer feedback quickly is vital to stop those complaints and fix any issues, but also to see what your customers like about your business, service or products.
Now you could ring them, but this would take a whole team which can be very costly, and how often do you see an unknown number and just ignore it? You could send them an email, but the response rate on an email is extremely low. So your only option left to get customer feedback is, yes you guessed it, SMS!

SMS has a 6-8 times higher response rates than email

95.3% said they would respond to an SMS survey request

We have found that without having any measure in place to get customer feedback you are missing out on a huge amount of data. The majority of your customers who have a problem will not bother to complain about it, meaning you don’t know there is a problem, meaning you can’t fix the problem, meaning you could lose the customer, forever.

For every customer who bothers to complain, 26 other customers remain silent
(White House Office of Consumer Affairs)

Receiving positive customer feedback is great, because I’m sure your business is not as bad as Bill’s and all your customers will give you great feedback, which will enable you to build and develop on what your business is already doing great at.
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