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Black Friday… The biggest weekend for UK retailers – FACT

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There are certain events and occasions that get lots of hype and coverage, however some never quite fit the bill and deliver what was expected, and end up being a bit of a disappointment… If you are an England football fan, this happens to you every two years at a major tournament.

However one event that does deliver and certainly lives up to the hype and often goes beyond that, is Black Friday!

Yes, the retailers and consumers dream weekend is back and nearly upon us, and last year it yet again exceeded all expectations. In fact, it went down so well in the UK with retailers, that 50% of retailers said it was their most profitable day in their calendar year, with 33% also saying Cyber Monday.

Retailers have had such huge results from Black Friday that last year they were all scratching their heads figuring out how they can gain even more from it to fend of their competition… Some started their deals on Monday and ran them throughout the week, and others just ran them on the Friday and Cyber Monday, others the whole weekend… But whatever you guys did it certainly worked!

The sales figures from the Black Friday weekend in the UK are simply eye watering, amazing, incredible, astonishing… Just well… Take a look for yourselves.

• 1.1 Billion spent on Black Friday in the UK (up from £810m in 2014)

• £561m on the Saturday

• £676m on the Sunday

• £968m on Cyber Monday (£720m in 2014)

That’s a whopping £3.3 billion spent over Black Friday weekend in the UK – WOW.

With all this spending you can see why retailers in the UK depend on this period so much, however with so much competition around and so many great deals and offers, you need to shout from the hills about your products, deals and business.

64% plan to increase their marketing/advertising or offer online promotions to increase 2016 holiday sales – source Channel Advisor

So what’s the best way to get your message heard?

Well, the guys over at Daniel Footwear know what they are doing. They sent out a mobile marketing campaign with us, and the following week they phoned in thanking us for the HUGE response and sales they gathered from it…

1 out 4 purchases on Black Friday came through their SMS campaign!

That’s a huge return on investment and just one of the reasons why we have so many retailers with Text Marketer sending out mobile marketing campaigns. Read their story here

So make sure your business, products and offers don’t get lost in the noise of Black Friday. Make a mobile marketing plan for November, and start sending out those messages to reap in the huge sales that Black Friday and mobile marketing inevitable brings.

Black Friday infographic
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Black Friday infographic
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