Cyber Monday's sensational statistics

Now most people know about Black Friday, maybe not how it originated, but they have more than likely heard of it. And more often than not, definitely made a purchase on the day – it’s a retailers dream.

However, there is also another day that gets retailers all excited just like Black Friday, and it’s called Cyber Monday. Now, this may not be as big as Black Friday but it certainly is not a day you want to miss.

Along with Black Friday, Cyber Monday offers huge discounts but with one a difference, it’s all online. Black Friday offers deals in stores and online, but the idea of Cyber Monday is to purely offer deals online.

But when does it happened I hear you ask? Well, there are no prizes for guessing what day it falls on, yes it’s a Monday, but is also the Monday after Black Friday. So this year Cyber Monday falls on the 28th November 2016.

Now you may be thinking that because you are going to offer deals on Black Friday, (well we hope you are and if you are not, make sure you have a read of our Black Friday blog) you don’t need to bother with Cyber Monday . . .

Well, that would be a grave mistake, as Cyber Monday is massive and should not be overlooked in the slightest.
Don’t believe us, take a look for yourself . . .
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