Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales predictions are in…

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Retail experts have been looking at the trends, sales and figures, and released their predicted UK sales figures for this up and coming Black Friday weekend – and for some fun, we thought we would have a little go too!
As we are sure most of you are aware, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are huge days for retailers, and over the past few years, the spend has continued to increase. Research done by have said that the average household will spend £175 on computer items, TVs, phones, clothes and toys.

Black Friday predicted sales to be £4.9 Billion

7% of consumers are expected to spend £500 or more with 19% surveyed said they are waiting for the sales to make a purchase, 34% of shoppers plan to look at the Black Friday sales.

51% of spend to be on mobile devices

IMRG are forecasting that between Monday 21st and Monday 28th November the total spend for retail sites in the UK will be £6.77bn. 51% of all spend will be done using a mobile device, with smartphones this year overtaking tablets with a total of £1.83bn spent on mobile phones this year.
With all these stats and figures and our best minds at work we thought we could go one better and predict the spend per day.
See below our estimates, this could be the beginning of our predicting future, or the very last.

Black Friday spend breakdown

That’s a total of 4.7bn, so whether it is 4.9bn or 4.7bn, there will most definitely be an increase in sales this year and it is one not to miss out on.