Technology nostalgia – texting animals

As you all know, we love texting, sending texts, receiving text, even just looking at texts. It’s like we get ‘texcited’ by SMS.
There is also nothing better than a bit of technology nostalgia, remember your old Super Nintendo? Your old Nokia 3310? Check out our post on old Nokia’s to take a trip down memory lane.

It’s true the mobile has evolved, and what we can do on them now feels a million miles away from the very first handsets we had… Gone are the days of snake and polyphonic ring tones!

And so has the SMS changed. With picture messaging and emoji’s bringing some colour and images to our texts, we honour and look back at some of the old school ways you could get creative with SMS, and show you some of our favourite animal texts. Confused? Just look below to see what we mean…

1. We start with a sleeping rabbit – for all you rabbit lovers out there

2. A Christmas snowman

3. What noise does a whale make? – whahawha (something like that)

4. Little mouse with cheese – yummy

5. Some swimming fishes

6. And finally, a Giraffe with hearts on it