Boxing Day vs Black Friday

Black Friday has only just passed, with the estimated spend figures looking to be around £4.9 billion. However, retailers are still looking to cash in over the busy festive period, and rightly so!

Boxing Day is on the horizon and is still one of the biggest and busiest days for retailers, so we have decided to take a look at Boxing Day and the Christmas period spend and see how it fairs in comparison to the Black Friday spend.

On Boxing Day 2015 consumers spent a whopping £3.74 billion, (Source: BBC) which is more than 3 times as much as Black Friday which came in at £1.1 billion. Boxing Day even outshone the whole of the Black Friday weekend, which took £3.3 billion including Cyber Monday.

Boxing day vs black friday stat

Even on Christmas Day consumers were shopping, with a staggering £738 million  spent in 2015, which was an increase of 11% from 2014. This was, of course, all via the web with mobile sales beating Cyber Monday mobile sales by 58%. (Source: BBC)

Over the whole of the Christmas period, UK retailers took £24 billion, with 27% of these sales taking place online. (Source: InternetRetailing)

Online shoppers spent £856m on Boxing Day
(Source: theguardian)

And what about the big retailers, how well did they do?

Well John Lewis who started their online sales on Christmas Eve, saw in the first hour of shopping an increase of 17.7% in sales from 2014. With sales from mobile or tablet devices up by 31%. (Source: theguardian)

House of Fraser saw online sales rise by 62% in the week leading up to Christmas and after Christmas, like-for-like sales increased by nearly 7%. (Source: theguardian)

So, are the Boxing Day and Christmas sales just as good as Black Friday sales for retailers? Yes, 100% yes! Both on Boxing Day itself and over the Christmas period.

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