7 Amazing marketing stats for 2017

Is it that time of year again? Time flies when you are busy sending messages!

Now 2016 might not have been everyone’s cup of tea (not mentioning any political names), but it was a good year for business and an even better one for the mighty mobile and mobile marketing.

The mobile phone is now a solid, irreplaceable, permanent part of the family and general modern day life. It has become mans best friend as it guides us, supports us and entertains us through our day.

Allowing us to capture moments and memories with it’s high definition cameras, allowing us to listen and dance like no one is looking to our favourite songs, watch video clips and movies as we wait for our bus, even turn on our heating so it’s nice and toasty for when we return after a long day… In short, it’s an incredible little device when you really think about what a mobile phone can do – we love you mobile!

7 amazing marketing stats for 2017
Well we haven’t got a crystal ball and the mobile phone doesn’t have a palm we can read, not that we believe in any of that stuff anyway… but we do have some expert inside knowledge, years and years of experience and some stats and facts at our fingertips to safely say, that again, it’s going to be a MASSIVE year for the mighty mobile and mobile marketing.

Most companies are now well under way with their mobile marketing exploits, whether that be regular campaigns, mobile marketing loyalty programmes, mobile appointment reminders, customer support… anything and everything is being improved by the mighty mobile – and it has generated HUGE amounts of income for businesses all around the world.

So the future is certainly bright for the mobile, and so will the future of your business if you take it up on your marketing campaigns and the business exploits.

Here are just 7 amazing marketing stats that we have cheery picked out for you about the might of the mobile going into 2017.