5 reasons you should schedule your sends

Life is busy. Work is busy. And things always have a habit of cropping up at the last minute and disturbing you and your plans.
Well with our schedule send tool, these fears and worries are eliminated, allowing you to plan, test and take your time with your mobile marketing campaign.
So scheduling your daily, weekly or monthly sends can really help plan your work load… Here are just 5 reasons why you should be scheduling your sends.
Schedule send your marketing messages
1. Planning
By scheduling your sends you can effectively plan your day, week, or month depending on how many campaigns you are scheduling.
2. Get it ticked off the list
We all have a pile of work on our desk and an over flowing to-do list, so scheduling your campaigns means that you can effectively tick it off the list and know that it will be sent out without fear of you forgetting or getting dragged into other tasks.
3. Send out of your work hours
With schedule sending you don’t have to be restricted to your work hours, for example some retailers are finding success and joy by sending marketing campaigns in the early evening and at weekends.
4. No rushing, no mistakes
By taking your time and testing, you will send a message campaign with no mistakes and exactly when you want. Leaving it until the last minute, only means that you will rush it and encourage mistakes.
5. Prepare for the response
Sending out mobile marketing campaigns can generate huge response rates, we have heard of websites crashing, phone lines blocked with calls and stores almost becoming one in and one out. So by scheduling your messages and letting all your team know when it will go out, you can all prepare for the huge response – you can also spread your send to ease the response.
If you have any questions or need any help then please don’t hesitate to ask – we are always here to help.