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Case Study: SMS proves to be an instant success – in large numbers!

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There are few things we love more than SMS, but one of those things might be Christmas, so when we heard about a fantastic client signing up called Santa Letter Direct – we were ecstatic!

Santa Letter Direct allows you to create and send beautifully personalised letters from the big man himself, Santa. They send out thousands of personalised letters every Christmas to children all around the world, and we managed to get five minutes with them to have a chat about their marketing and how they are getting on with SMS marketing…

Mobile marketing case study

What do you guys use SMS marketing for?

“We are a fully digital company whereby all orders are processed online and with this, mobile marketing is key to our strategy. With around 95% of our orders being processed via a smart phone or tablet, it is important to get the message to the parent and for them to act upon the marketing message straight away.

Along with marketing notifications to our existing customers we also use Text Marketer’s system for various other elements, such as order notifications (which greatly reduces the customer service time required) but also every child that has a letter on order, will also receive a text message from Father Christmas on Christmas morning. This works so well and we have been sending them out for the last 4 years and will continue to do so. The parents (and children love them)”

Have you got any results you can share with us?

“This works so well that in one instance after sending out one of our marketing messages it caused our website to crash from the shear number of visitors instantly hitting our website after receiving their message. After this we then used the timeframe option within Text Marketer to spread the sending of the text message over an hour or so.

The results from any of our mobile marketing sends have been very impressive and will continue to be key to our marketing strategy, it is also a great help to track the deliveries and none deliveries so we can update our database to make sure that we don’t send duplicate messages to numbers that are no longer valid. Text Marketer is core to various aspects of our system and will continue to be and I would highly recommend their service.”

So there you have it, another success story for the mighty mobile and SMS marketing, thanks for sharing Santa Letter Direct

And so if you have a business and you want to give mobile marketing a try or have some questions for us then please get in touch – we are here to help you succeed.

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