Valentine’s Day 2017 Stats

Love is a wonderful thing. Love can make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, make you do crazy things and make you want to shower your loved ones with flowers, chocolates and £980m worth of gifts.
No don’t worry we don’t mean you should be spending that much, but collectively we all do as that is how much people in the UK spent on each other in 2016, which was up £15m from 2015. (BBC)
Valentines Day Stats 2017
We all love to find the best deals, and that doesn’t change on Valentine’s day either, with only 8% of shoppers saying they would be discouraged if a discount was attached to a gift. (Barclays)
Online shopping is still as popular as ever and is predicted to increase for Valentine’s day this year with 36% of 18-24 year olds doing online shopping. But unlike Christmas, consumers don’t plan as well, with 40% of people leaving it to the last week to buy their Valentine a gift. (Barclays)
These are just a few of the retail facts about Valentine’s day, we have put together a couple more of our favourite facts about Valentine’s day into a lovely infographic for you to enjoy.