Mobile marketing regulations

When marketing your product or service through SMS there are a few rules and regulations you must abide by. These laws of mobile marketing aren’t complicated and shouldn’t stop you from sending text messages to your customers.
These regulations of mobile marketing may not be as familiar to you as some of the other laws within your sector, but if you are planning to send a text message to your customers, you must know them. With this in mind, we have created this blog with all the mobile marketing regulations and rules, what you must do and what you are not allowed to do.

SMS marketing rules

Please read the rules carefully because if you do not abide by them and a customer complains because you misused their information, you could be ordered to pay a fine or compensation.
Send to opt-in customers only
You are only allowed to send messages to numbers that they have opted in. This also means you cannot send them messages on a different subject.
For example, if a customer has opted in to receive text messages about the clothes you sell, you cannot send him a message about your Mums shovel business.
Letting customers opt-out
Your customers have the right to opt-out of the messages you are sending them and you must make it easy for them to do so. Here at Text Marketer we give you a free opt-out code and by pressing the stop button when you have written your message in our platform, an opt-out message is automatically added.
Do not send to unsubscribed numbers
You are also not allowed to send a message to someone who has opted out. Even if they have done so months or even years ago, and you think they may now want to know about your products, you still cannot send them a message.
Who you are
The message you send must clearly state who you are. You are not allowed to send a message from Apple if you are not Apple.
What you are selling/promoting
You must tell your customers what you are selling. For example, you cannot send a message about selling shirts and when the customer clicks the link it takes them through to a car dealership.
We know reading all these mobile marketing regulations may not have been as fun to read as some of our other blog posts, but we don’t want you to get into any hot water. So, make sure you know the rules and regulations of text marketing and advertising before sending any messages.
If you are still unclear about what you can and can’t do with text marketing, please give us a call and we can advise you on 0117 205 0202.