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6 ways hotels can use SMS

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SMS messaging is one of the biggest ways to communicate, and businesses are now seeing the huge advantages of using SMS. With a 98% open rate compared to email’s 22%, SMS can help deliver important information straight to your customer’s pockets, whilst almost virtually guaranteeing they will read it.

In any business, it is important to ensure customers are happy, and none more so than when staying in a hotel. SMS can help deliver a great experience for guests and turn a bad stay into a great one with fast responsive customer service.

So here are just 6 of the many ways the hotel sector can use SMS to increase sales and better the customers’ experience. We have also created an infographic as well, if you don’t like reading lists.

1. Text guests when they have made a booking – Thank them for making the booking and include the booking details and how to change or cancel it.

2. Send the Wi-Fi details and other room details by text – A quick text messages telling the guests the Wi-Fi login and other room details mean they won’t need to go looking for a brochure.

3. Text guests with special offers and how to claim them – By sending a message with offers not only will you make them feel appreciated but it can bring in more money for you.

4. Send guests a reminder of their table reservation – Ensure that no guest forgets their reservation for the evening meal with a simple reminder text. This can also make the guest feel important and that they have been thought of.

5. Message guests the day before they leave offering to extend or book another stay – Offer guests to stay longer at a discounted rate. The customer gets a great offer and those spare rooms don’t go wasted.

6. Send an SMS survey the day after they have left – Ask the customers a couple of questions to determine what you could have done better or what they loved about their stay.

If you think SMS can help your business, be it in the hotel sector or another, you can set up an account with us completely free. We will also throw in 10 free credits to test the account with and with our amazing Double Credits offer, SMS has never been cheaper.

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