Text Marketer voted one of the best mobile marketing blogs on the planet!

We spend a lot of time here at Text Marketer writing, reading, designing and creating useful mobile marketing content, that hopefully will interest you all but most importantly, help you get the best out of your mobile marketing ventures.
We have spent years pouring blood, sweat and tears into our blog. Ultimately trying to make it the best place for you to gain ideas and hone your mobile marketing skills – to make all of you mobile marketing experts!
So when all our good effort was rewarded this week by being voted in at number 14 in the Top 40 Mobile Marketing Blogs on the planet – we were all delighted and danced around the office like no one was looking (we are not good dancers). Thanks to the guys over at FeedSpot.
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So if you want to learn about mobile marketing… the who, what, where and why – Text Marketer is the place to do exactly that. We update our blog regularly, so grab a cup of tea, couple of biscuits, sit back and have a little look through – and make sure you pop back regularly.
If you have any questions, industry sectors or topics that you would like us to cover, please just let us know and we will see what we can do.
And to all of you who have read or shared any of our content over the years, thank you very much – a virtual high five to all of you!