SMS – helping to promote music festivals, Gorillaz gigs and other huge events

SMS is great. It’s a simple amazing way of spreading the word to the masses about something important… Basically if Jesus was alive today – he would be spreading the word by SMS.
It gives you the ability to write a message and send it out to hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions of people in one send or click of a mouse. But that’s not even the best thing about SMS, the best thing about SMS, is that you can virtually guarantee that all of your messages will get read! With a 98% open rate, SMS dwarfs and laughs at the pitiful 20% open rate that email can offer.
All this means that SMS is great, in fact yes we are going to say it… SMS is the best way to get your message read and heard. Whether that be promoting an offer, product, job role or a big event – be sure to do it via SMS.
And over the years we have helped many music festivals and big events pull in the crowds, and recently we helped an office favourite do exactly that…
The wonderful animated band the Gorillaz recently released some new music, and after many years of waiting they wanted to let their fans know, and they did so via SMS and we are proud to say, they did it through Text Marketer…
Music event marketing
We then have many of the big music festivals across the UK using Text Marketer to announce that tickets have gone on sale or announcing which headliner has just been released, which all helps to create that buzz and excitement, makes that festival goer feel somewhat special but ultimately ensures that the festival sells all it’s tickets!
But not everything with SMS is sent out on this huge scale, you may have an exclusive opening party for your new shop, restaurant or the launch of a new product range – SMS is a great way to let people know and get people through the door.
We have many nightclubs and venues who now text their exclusive customers letting them know of upcoming nights and giving them first dibs on those all important tickets.

“Just announced! Fatboy Slim is playing Saturday June 24th and as a priority customer, you get first dibs on the tickets, but be quick! Book now”

So what ever your event is, make sure it’s a sellout success with mobile marketing and Text Marketer – we deliver, you save.